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Events, Projects &  Schedule for Furneaux History and Video Memories  

​2018- Work on publishing book one of Numbland Security series, The Journey to NOIHMLA
New, separate author's website will be up late March at: davidfurneaux.com 
Final edits of first book to publish in early April
Book reading &  signing events will be posted on davidfurneaux.com

2017 - Work on - Numbland Security.   
​  January through May : Wrote and edited chapters.
  June through late July: Worked with edit/publishing expert on two books for series. Created RT Hill Productions LLC for self-publishing. 
  August 11 - submitted Numbland Security screen proofs for first two books to US Trademark office for trademarking approval. 
  August 29 - Numbland Security approved by USPTO for trademark certification for book series. Coverage for both books and ebooks when published.
  September through October - Working on cover designs, revision of contents and final deep editing. 
  November 10 - 9:30 a.m., Veterans Day program,  Deerfield, Urbandale
​  November 21- Dec. 6 - Travel overseas
  December 7 - 31st - Finish cover, edits and tentative publishing in early 2018 of Book One of Numbland Security series, The Journey to NOIHMLA.

January  through March
  Family & couples video editing projects
  Created: 100 years of Buick's & WW II on Home front USA 
April through June
  Created for family videos: 50's in America , US medic in Battle of Bulge                                                                         & US POW march to camp & liberation , 1945
July through September
  Conservationist/outdoorsman's video history/life story
  Family vacation/travel
  Veterans Day programs at: Iowa Veterans Home, Marshalltown, McAuley Terrace, Johnston & Deerfield in Urbandale. 
  Attended Hoover Foundation dinner, Ia City- Tom Brokaw, speaker
  Pearl Harbor 75th Commemoration programs: Windhaven (Western Home's), Cedar Falls, Kennybrook Village, Grimes, Deerfield Retirement, Urbandale & McAuley Terrace, Johnston 

Future:  To arrange a book reading/signing event, history program, video histories or event, call Dave Furneaux at: 515-279-1365 office or email at furnox49@gmail.com